Our School Governors:

Dr Elizabeth Green (Chair)

Trustees’ Appointed

Mr Mike Atkinson

Trustees’ Appointed

Mr Paul Bedford

Trustees’ Appointed

Mr Keith Chaplin

Trustees’ Appointed

Mr Mark Deacon

Trustees’ Appointed

Mrs Sarah Healey

Trustees’ Appointed

Mr Peter Griffiths

LEA (West Sussex)

Councillor Chris Dowling

LEA (East Sussex)

Dr Andrea Heverin

Parent Governor

Helen Hewitt

Chief Executive

Mrs Linda Deacon

Teacher Governor

Mrs Liz Hawken-Allison

Staff Governor

Isabel Beck

Clerk to the Governors

Contact:   01825 724444 ext 145 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Do you have the time and expertise to join our Governing Board?

We are seeking new governors with adult and children's social care expertise, particularly in personal budgets and disability commissioning, who could advise, support and challenge the development of our services for young adults and children.   

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The Governing Body consists of two governors appointed by an LEA (East Sussex and West Sussex) and one each elected by teachers, parents and staff. A further group of governors is appointed by the Charity’s Trustees; it is a requirement of the Charity Commission that this group out-numbers the other group and includes at least three people who are Trustees of the Charity. In addition to a full Governors meeting each term, there are several committees that deal with a wide range of issues concerning the governance of the school – these are Finance, Security, Health and Safety, Curriculum and Pupil Welfare and Staffing and Personnel.

Click here to download information sent to parents explaining the structure of Governors' committees at the Chailey Heritage Foundation.

Message from Bill Shelford, former Chair of Governors:

Chailey Heritage School has been adapting itself to the needs of children for more than one hundred years. It is continuing as it started, determined to allow its pupils to fulfil their potential with the help of dedicated staff in attractive surroundings which provide first class facilities for wheelchair users. The teaching and care staff go out of their way to help the children in a warm and caring environment as you will readily see if you visit the school and the residential bungalows. In all that goes on in this busy environment, the rights of the children are carefully respected and the children are given as much choice as possible. The school is fortunate in sharing the site with Chailey Heritage Clinical Services, part of the NHS.  The close proximity of first class clinical care is perhaps a unique feature of the school. Chailey Heritage School is a charity and from time-to-time undertakes appeals for capital projects to update its buildings and equipment to meet the current needs of the children. If you visit, you will see the results of the building work that has been undertaken. With the help of our many generous donors and supporters, we have been able to provide the extra facilities required to continue our first class approach to education and care. Our marvellous staff, both in the School and in the Bungalows, are the lifeblood of the organisation. They are ably supported by some 80 volunteers who willingly help the pupils here in all manner of different ways. We are extremely appreciative of the help and enthusiasm of both staff and volunteers. I believe that I speak for all at the school in saying that we are proud of what we can do to help the children who join us here.

“Governance is good.  This is because governors play an active part in supporting and challenging the school.  …………….. At this school the needs of the learner always come first.  This has meant adults and procedures needing to become flexible and responsive”           Ofsted Report – May 2007

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