The purpose-built hydrotherapy pool is used to allow pupils to exercise and experience movement, without their body-supports, as well as providing quality time for other sensory experiences. The aims of the swimming department are to offer our pupils an enjoyable experience and to encourage each pupil to reach his/her potential whilst incorporating the swimming curriculum in a fun way.  The young people are taught at a pace that is appropriate for them with the emphasis on enjoyment of the activities. Physiotherapists plan alongside the swimming staff a program for each individual child.

The swimming sessions are aimed at helping our pupils to improve their performance, to acquire knowledge and understanding to evaluate their own abilities and limitations, to apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas. Pupils are shown how to experience movement and buoyancy together with a variety of means of propulsion which can help develop their confidence.   Pupils are encouraged to work towards gaining  Chailey Heritage Swimming Certificates which are graded from Bronze Level 1 up to Gold Level 2 to show progress.   



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